Animal Crossing
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Animal Forest

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Animal Forest +


Nintendo Gamecube




E for Everyone


Life Simulation

Animal Crossing is the English version of Animal Forest. However, many things differ between the two games.



Tom Nook

The player, a young child, sets off to see the world. They hop on a train, and meet a curious cat named Rover. He askes you questions, and the answers will effect your appearance. For a guide, see here. You hop off the train, and meet Tom Nook. You buy a small cottage in a plaza. However, you cannot pay for it! To pay him back, you work in his shop, Nook's cranny. You deliver items, write ads, meet villagers, and a few more things. Eventually, Tom will run out of tasks.You are free to do what you want from then on, and villagers will have much more dialog. You are free to buy from Nook's Cranny, upgrade your house so it is bigger, visit other towns, and if you buy enough from Nook, he will upgrade his shop so it gets bigger! There are many more things for you to do, and find out by browsing the wiki!

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