This page is a collection of userboxes, small colored boxes designed to appear on a Zeldapedian's user page as a communicative notice about the user or to show things they like. You are free to make your own and add them here. If you cannot, then you can leave a request on the talk page.

How to make a userbox Edit

  1. The first step is to look over the Usage section and Example section of Template:Userbox. This is the code you'll need to use to make a userbox.
  2. Next, create a template (a page in the Template: namespace; see Help:Namespace for more info) with the name of the userbox. Names of userboxes are generally short.
  3. You can now start to make a userbox. Copy the code from Template:Userbox and paste it in the new userbox you're making. You can then fill in the fields to create your userbox.

Organizing your userboxes Edit

If you find your userboxes are all over your user page, then feel free to make use of Template:Userboxes and its companion Template:Userboxesend. These templates will sort everything between them into a table, making all your userboxes into a nice, clean list. For example,

{{user male}}
{{user en}}

will appear as:

Userboxes is male.

Userboxes can speak Japanese.

You can also customize the way the table appears or where it can float; see its Usage section for more info.

Languages Edit

Code Result
{{user en}}
Userboxes can speak Japanese.

Userboxes c4n sp34k in 1337.

Carrie Userboxes can speak Animalese.

Gender Edit

Code Result
{{user male}}
Userboxes is male.

{{user female}}
Userboxes is female.

{{user animal}}
Userboxes is an animal.

Nationality Edit

Code Result
{{User American}}
Userboxes is 'Murican.

{{User British}}
Userboxes is British.

{{User Canadian}}
Userboxes is Canadian.

{{User French}}
Userboxes is French.

{{User German}}
Von Kaiser Punch Out Wii
Userboxes is German.

{{User Italian}}
Userboxes is Italian.

{{User Japanese}}
Userboxes is Japanese.

{{User Mexican}}
Userboxes is Mexican.

{{User Norwegian}}
Bree Userboxes is from Norway.

{{User Spanish}}
Download (1)
Userboxes is Spanish.

Miscellaneous Edit

Code Result
{{user age|<age>}}
Agent Lyndsay Userboxes is {{{age}}} years old.

{{user chrome}}
1024px-Chrome Logo.svg
Userboxes uses Chrome as their default browser.

{{user fox}}
Userboxes uses Firefox as their default browser.

{{user IE}}
Userboxes uses Internet Explorer as their default browser.

{{user safari}}
Userboxes owns a Nintendo GameCube.

Nintendo 64
Userboxes owns a Nintendo 64.

{{user wii}}
Userboxes owns a Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Userboxes owns a Nintendo Entertainment System.

{{User Color|<color>}}
Wiki Userboxes's favorite colour is {{{color}}}.

{{User WS}}
Userboxes is a noble skipper.

Userboxes loves dank memes.

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