Here is a complete list of villagers in Animal Crossing: City Folk! They can move into your town, or you can find them wandering around The City.


Cyrano, Antonio, Pango, Annabelle, Teddy, Pinky, Curt, Chow, Nate, Groucho, Tutu, Grizzly, Bluebear, Maple, Poncho, Pudge, Kody, Stitches, Vladimar, Pekoe, Chester, Jay, Robin, Anchovy, Twiggy, Jitters, Midge, Abgus, Rodeo, Bob, Mitzi, Rosie, Olivia, Kiki, Tangy, Punchy, Purrl, Moe, Kabuki, Kid Cat, Monique, Tabby, Stinky, Kitty, Tom,Merry, Felicity, Lolly, Anhaka, Goose, Benidict, Egbert, Becky, Knox, Patty, Tipper, Alfonso, Alli, Del, Goldie, Butch, Lucky, Biskit, Bones, Portia, Walker, Daisy, Cookie, Mac, Marcat, Bill, Joey, Pate, Maelle, Denna, Pompom, Mallery, Freckles, Derwin, Drake, Scoot, Miranda, Gloria, Apollo, Amelia, Pierce, Avery, Sterling, Opal, Dizzy, Tip Top, Eliose, Margie, Axel,Lilly, Ribbot, Frobert, Camofrog, Drift, Wart Jr., Puddles, Jerimniah, Cousteau, Prince, Jambette, Gigi, Chevre, Nan, Ceser, Peewee, Boone, Violet, Al, Rocco, Harry, Buck, Victoria, Savannah, Elmer, Roscoe, Winnie, Ed, Peaches, Clyde, Yuka, Alicie Melba, Sydney, Kitt, Mathilda, Astrid, Bud, Elvis, Mott, Champ, Nana, Simon, Tamtent, Monty, Elise, Dora, Limlerg, Bella, Bree,Samson, Rod, Rizzo, Broccollo, Moose, Octavian, Marina, Quinee, Gladys, Aurora, Roald, Cube, Hopper, Friga, Gwen, Puck, Boomer, Iggly, Curly, Truffles, Rasher, Hugh, Lucy, Spork, Peggy, Gala, Bunnie, Dotty, Coco, Snake, Gaston, Gabi, Pippy, Tiffany,enji, Ruby, Francine, Chrissy, Carmen, Tank, Rhonda, Vesta, Baabbarah, Eunice, Willow, Wendy, Peanut, Blaire, Filbert, Pecan, Nibbles, Agent S, Carilone, Sally, Static, Mint, Poppy, Rolf, Rowan, Chief, Lobo, Wolfgang, Whitney, Freya, Fang.

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