These are every villager that can move to your town in Wild World

Here are the characters:

Agent S Alfonso Alice Alli Amelia Anabelle Anchovy Angus Antonio Apollo Aurora Baabara Bella Benedict Big Top Bill Biskit Blaire Bluebear Bob Bones Boone Bree Buck Bud Bunnie Butch Camofrog Caroline Cesar Chevre Chief Chow Coco Cube Curly Curt Cyrano Daisy Deena Derwin Dizzy Dora Dotty Drake Drift Egbert Elmer Eloise Elvis Filbert Freckles Friga Frobert Gabi Gaston Genji Gladys Goldie Goose Gwen Hopper Hugh Jay Jeremiah Jitters Joey Kabuki Kid Kat Kiki Kitt Kody Lily Limberg Lobo Lucky Lucy Maelle Mallary Maple Margie Marina Mathilda Melba Mint Mitzi Moe Monique Nan Nibbles Octavian Olivia Opal Pango Pate Patty Pecan Peewee Pierce Pinky Pippy Pompom Poncho Portia Puddles Pudge Punchy Purrl Queenie Rasher Rhonda Ribbot Roald Robin Rocco Rod Rodeo Rolf Roscoe Rosie Rowan Ruby Sally Samson Savannah Snake Static Stitches Tabby Tangy Tank Teddy Tiffany Tipper Truffles Twiggy Vesta Victoria Walker Wart Jr. Whitney Wolfgang Yuku

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