ACWW Gulliver


On weekdays from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm you may see a U.F.O. If you can knock it down with your slingshot, you will meet Gulliver, who will ask you to find the parts to his ship which YOU ruined. After you find all the parts you will get a gift.


In Gamecube, Gulliver is lost on the beach asleep on a weekday. You wake him up and he will give you a gift.

In New Leaf, he will mail you a letter with a present a day after you find him.


These are the gifts you get from Gulliver for finding the parts to his ship:

Arc de Triomphe



Mannken Pis



Mermaid statue

Moai Statue

Mouth of Truth


Plate Armor

Tower of Piza

Tribal Mask

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