Isabelle is your secretary in in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She is kind, caring and polite. She is a yellow lab dog.

Isabelle's JobsEdit

Unlike in previous games, you do not have jobs to show you the basics of the game. Instead, villagers tell you. You can get extra help by asking Isabelle for tips. She will ask you to catch a bug or fish, plant some fruit, and collect seashells. After completing all of these tasks you will get a free watering can.

Citizen SatisfactionEdit

After the tutorial is completed (usually takes a day or so), you can talk to Isabelle and she will tell you how to get a citizen satisfaction permit. You must water flowers, help villagers, and upgrade your house. After you do this you come in the next day and get a citizen satisfaction permit and you can enact Town Ordinances and public works projects.


  • Helping out villagers gives you the biggest boost.
  • Isabelle gives you tips on how to get the permit if you sit in your mayor's chair. Listen to her!
  • Isabelle will tell you to catch trash in the water and give it to the retail to prove you care for the enviornment. This will NOT get you an extra boost.
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