The Island appears in Animal Forest +, Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


If you connect your GBA port to your Nintendo GameCube, Kapp'n will appear at the dock and offer to take you to the island which you name. After listening to his sea shanty, you will arrive at the island. There will be coconuts, rare fish and bugs, and a special villager exclusive to the island!

In Animal Forest e+ you do not need to hook up a GBA port. You can always visit the island but cannot name it until you have upgraded your house fully. Also, there are no islanders until you have scanned their e-cards. There are many new islanders added.

The island is the only way to get a tan in the GCN games.

In New LeafEdit

In ACNL, after upgrading your house for the first time Tortimer will appear and tell you about the island he visits. A day after, you can hop on the boat and ride to the island. There are many rare and expensive beetles here. You can also buy exclusive items via medals which you get by going on tours.

How to Visit the Island Without a GBA PortEdit

In the GameCube Animal Crossing, you can visit the island with these simple steps:

  1. Set the time to winter if it isn't already.
  2. Find a snowball
  3. Roll it up until you can roll it without kicking it
  4. Roll it to it's almost in the shore but you can stand in front of it with two spaces in front of you.
  5. Drop a bell bag in the spot in front of you and run to the furthest area back you can go.
  6. Run and pick up the bag.
  7. Keep repeating steps five and six until eventually the ball will roll down and hit you. You will be in the ocean.
  8. You can walk around in the ocean. Keep walking until you find the island.

Once you are on the island, use Kapp'n (he will be at the island dock) to get back.

It will be winter on the island, because when you go the proper way, the sea shanty triggers codes to make it summer on the island. Due to the lack of a sea shanty, you will not have the game trigger these codes.


  • In New Leaf, there was meant to be a special islander on the island. This idea was scrapped. Some codes for it still exist in the game files.

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