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Peppy (AFe+), Snooty (ACNL)

 Julia is a peppy ostrich introduced and was, for 13 years, exclusive to Animal Forest e+. She is an islander, therefore you must scan her e-card if you want to meet her. She initially wears a Red Aloha Shirt, like all female islanders.

Julia is re-introduced to the series via the Welcome Amiibo update. However, this time she is available as a villager and not an islander, and she had a personality change as she is now snooty instead of peppy.


Animal Forest e+:

Julia is peppy, meaning she will always be happy to see the player, and when upset, she will cool off very quickly. She likes to party and talks about fashion, though she is not arrogant (though to some, she may come off as such).

Animal Crossing: New Leaf :

Julia is a snooty villager, meaning she will appear uptown, classy, and chic, although self-centered and arrogant as well. When she first meets the player, she will come off as cold and hostile but over time become nicer to them with some subtle rudeness. Her main interests revolve around fashion, beauty, and luxury. She will get along well with cranky villagers due to their shared hostility, but she will not hit it off with normal or peppy villagers, as she will offend the sensitive normal villagers and find the peppy villagers cheeky.


  • Julia is one of many characters to be of one species but designed to look like another (other examples include Anabelle and Flora), in this case she is an ostrich but designed to look like a peacock.

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