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"toady" (In Animal Crossing)
"zzrrbbitt" (In Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf)


Lily's pic

Lily is a normal frog from the Animal Crossing: Series who appears in every single one of the games, so far. It can be assumed her name is named after "lily pad", the leaf that frogs are usually found sitting on in a lake. She shares the catchphrases with Ribbot, one of the fellow frogs in the series, and it appears they switched the catchphrases and stuck with the new ones after the release of Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Appearance Edit


Lily outside holding her Umbrella

Most of Lily's body is covered in a turquoise-type greenish color. Her chin, however, is white and her cheeks are both a huge circle of pink. She appears in all of the games wearing an Icy Shirt. When it's raining outside in Wild World, she can be seen holding a Blue Dot Parasol.

Personality Edit

Lily has a normal personality, which means she appears to be positive most of the time and will be friendly and caring towards the Player and other villagers. Like all normal villagers, she will start crying if you push her around or if you whack her with your net three times. She will also become upset if she feels she has been pressuring the Player by asking them for too much. Her interests include walking around outside and exploring, as she will often be seen doing so half of the time during the day.

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