Moods determine villager's dialog and appearance at the time.


  • Normal- these villagers are in a neutral feeling and always open for some light conversations. They appear walking around normally.
  • Happy- if you say the right thing to a villager, or they have a nice talk with another critter, the villager will appear bouncy and happy. You can tell if a villager is happy because they are bouncing and whistling
  • Frustrated/Spaced Out- In Animal Crossing, talking to a villager too much will cause them to snap at you. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they say weird things and havr thought bubbles over their heads. If they become happy, they will talk normally, but once happiness wears off they are spaced out/frustrated again. In Animal Crossing, they walk around normally as if they had the normal mood.
  • Angry- if you offend the villager or another residents offends them, or you hit them with a net (and various other things), the villagers will stomp around and yell at you. You can tell they are angry because they will stomp around in fury.
  • Sadness- If you or another resident insult a villager, they will get sad and whine to you. You can tell they are sad because they are frowning and there are rainclouds above their heads.

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