Pete is a male pelican. He works as a mailman in the Animal Crossing Series


Pete is a mailman for the town hall. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, he comes directly to your house to deliver letters from Nintendo. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, you can shoot him down with your slingshot. In the GameCube version, he has a break at 5pm and you can chat with him. He is also seen delivering mail once all letters for the day have been mailed. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he can ask the player to have other players clean out their mailboxes because they are full.


Phylis: Pete apparently thinks she is the cutest girl in your town, indicating a crush on her despite her bitter personality.

Pelly: Some female villagers, snooty in particular, say that they are meant for each other and/or dating, and in Animal Crossing for the GameCube, he says he has a slight crush on Pelly.

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