Tom Nook


Store Owner



Tom Nook is the local shop owner in Animal Crossing: Wild World. The shop starts as Nook's Cranny, then upgrades to Nookway, then upgrades to Nook'n'Go, and finally, Nookington's. He also has two nephews named Timmy and Tommy. They run the second floor of Nookington's.

Tom Nook is also the one who takes charge of your house mortgage. When you first begin in the game, you'll meet Tom Nook upon exiting your house after entering it for the first time, and he will explain to you about your mortgage. There is no time limit in paying it off; you could pay it off in the first month, or 30 years from that date (but why would you want to take that long, anyways?!).

Nook's Homes Edit

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tom Nook has left his kids, Timmy and Tommy in charge of the store. He now owns a real estate business called Nook's Homes. You can choose your door model, tiles, and roof style here.

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Nook's Homes reappears; Nook and the gang work there, while the Player gets a new job there. Tom Nook likes to play golf rather than work.

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