Ordinances (also known as laws) appear only in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can only choose one Ordinance at a time and it costs you 20,000 Bells to set one for your town.

Bell BoomEdit

This ordinance is for rich towns. Items cost more, but sell for more!

Night OwlEdit

If you play Animal Crossing at night, this is the ordinance for you! Shops are open late, and villagers stay up later, each by 2 hours.

Early BirdEdit

Opposite of Night Owl. If you prefer to play Animal Crossing during the early hours of the morning, shops are open earlier and villagers are up earlier.

Beautiful TownEdit

This ordinance is meant for players who cannot tend to their town every day. Weeds are less likely, villagers plant flowers and water flowers, and time traveling does not give your town weeds!

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