As you can see, i haven't been on much lately. I have lost my interest in animal crossing, meaning i still favor the game more than any other one, but i don't play it anymore. I helpe d this wiki to be great, and so have everybody here, I wouldn't even think of making a Bree page! Users like Prince12, Tardisgirl98, and I heart kh are very, very great! I ahd an awesome expirience building this wiki up and now its in good enough shape where i can leave it and let everybody else edit and contribute. Please still edit and make pages, i will still log in from time to time! And i am still active on wikia!

I am active on these wikis:

  • The Sims Wiki
  • Millard High RP Wiki
  • Player Stories in the Sims Series Wiki
  • The Voice Wiki

I have had an awesome time, and this blog is dedicated to Tardisgirl98, I heart kh, and Polocatfan for getting me to a great starter point!

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